Thursday, 21 February 2013


Nothing to do with pop culture or reviews, this is purely a personal piece about why I haven't been posting recently.

I won't go into to detail so suffice to say that my wife and I agreed to split up. Everything has been extremely amicable, we're still friends and see each other every day. It helps that we're both active in animal rescue (see my other blog for details). After not too much looking around I found a house I liked only five minutes walk away which I got for a fair price and, it being in pretty good condition, didn't expect to have to spend too much doing it up. Until I found out it needed re-wiring which more than doubled the amount I expected to spend and postponed the moving in date by several weeks. Of course it wasn't just the rewiring as one thing leads to another but I did end up with a house in very good condition and done out mostly the way Susan, my wife, wanted. I did manage to put my foot down on a few things.

I decided to go with Sky rather than Virgin as comparing prices I got more bang for my buck. What I didn't expect was that it would take another three weeks after the TV stuff was installed before I got my broadband internet connection which was frustrating as hell. Still I finally have it and working properly as of today. So I'm back to blogging.

Here are a few photos of the place in various stages.

Being the back and front.

 Susan inspecting.

I've got a nice large kitchen, a similar sized living room with new 42inch TV, blu-ray player and Bose hi-fi one side of the fireplace, computer and tall CD units on the other, a room just for books and DVDs (though my new cat likes to hide there), three cats (plus fostering a fourth), a conservatory (currently still a mess) for sitting in the summer, and a nice large but easy to maintain garden. Asda is just up the road and a major bus route two minutes walk away. There's still some work to do but not a lot. I've definitely settled in and I like it a lot.

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