Thursday, 31 May 2012


This is just a quickie as I'm not actually reviewing the movie -I've done that twice already in this blog. No, this is just a brief comment on the unexpanded Blu-Ray edition.  But first, a word of explanation.

I watch DVDs on my desktop pc. It does have a DVD/Blu-Ray player but I've had problems actually playing blu-rays. Now I've been having a few problems which necessitated a couple of trips to the corner computer repair shop and mentioned the problems I'd been having. Anyway, along with the rest of the problems, he fixed it by simply downloading a few codecs. Result, I can now watch blu-ray DVDs on my PC. I've only got about 10 which are a mixed bunch including The Evil Dead trilogy, the expanded Metropolis with the recently discovered footage, Wall-E, The Sound of Music (no, I'm not going to explain), and the unexpanded version of Avatar which I bought by mistake from an Amazon marketplace dealer thinking it was the 3-disc version.

I confess that so far I haven't been overly impressed by blu-ray being barely able to notice any difference between that and an ordinary DVD in terms of picture quality. Until tonight when I watched Avatar. The detail was just fucking amazing. Like, totally awesome. Wow!

So what did I do? Buy a shitload of blu-ray DVDs? No, just one. The three-disc version of Avatar. Mind you, I might lash out on the complete blu-ray set of the extended versions of The Lord of the Rings.

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