Thursday, 24 March 2011


This has generally had mixed reviews (translated: poor to average) but with a script by Diablo Cody, the writer of Juno, it sounded interesting enough for me to pick up when I could get really cheaply (i.e. under £3.00 including postage, from the Amazon Marketplace dealer zoverstocks from whom I get a load of stuff). Plus Megan Fox is very easy on the eye and she isn't as bad an actor as she's made out to be.

It's different from the usual run of horror movies by having two female leads playing the hero and villain. The dialogue, as you'd expect from Cody, is sharp and snappy though not up to Juno standards but more than acceptable in a horror movie. The opening is unusual too with Seyfried, the hero, locked up in a loony bin where she viciously and without any real reason, kicks the crap out of a member of staff and gets locked up in a padded cell from where she begins to narrate the story from the beginning.

Okay: two friends from childhood now in high school, the insecure and plain Needy (Seyfried) and the extrovert promiscuous Jennifer. They go to watch a new band who, after the place they're playing at conveniently burns to the ground, lure Jennifer into their van, take to an isolate local beauty spot and, believing her to be a virgin) sacrifice her to Satan. However, not being a virgin, she comes back to life with a demon inside her and she's hungry for man-flesh.

The rest of the movie is mainly who is she going to kill next  and her deteriorating relationship with Needy and it all moves along very nicely and entertainingly the climax where we find out what happens to Jennifer and, as it turns out, more importantly to Needy.

Through in a great piece of work by JK Simmons as a one handed teacher and one-man chorus on the horrifying events that are happening and you get a perfectly satisfactory and very enjoyable minor horror movie.
Jennifer can talk on the phone to Needy while setting her tongue on fire. Neat!

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