Friday, 14 January 2011


-some of my favourite tv shows have either started or about to start and here they are. Are they some of yours too?

Recently finished is the second series of Miranda, a British sitcom on BBC2 starring and written by the 6ft 1ins Miranda Hart. It ought to be awful -Hart mugs to the camera, everyone overacts- but it has me in tears of laughter. Hart is some kind of a genius.

Already underway after a 2-year gap because it cost too much is the very likeable, if not earthshattering, Primeval for its 4th season. There are enough changes to maintain the show's momentum while keeping its character. At one point in a recent episode, an SClub7 track was heard in the background which is a funny in-joke as Hannah Spearitt (centre) was one of the teen band's key members and it's certainly her singing on it.

I missed the beginning of the second season of The Good Wife and have sternly reprimanded the person who was supposed to remind me (hello there, Mr Anonymous). I didn't catch the first season but Mr A enthused about it and I've read enough reviews to suggest I'd like it. I've recorded this week's episode which may be the second, third, or fourth. (Update courtesy of Mr A, it's ep.2.) Is it me or is Archie Panjabi sexy as hell?

Recently finished is season 3 of Castle. This isn't a great show but it stars the incredibly charismatic and funny Nathan Fillion who improves anything he's in. Stana Katic is also very good as his co-lead, but the two supporting detectives are also likeable characters. All of them, however, were put in the shade in a recent (season-ending?) two-parter which guest starred Dana Delaney as a shit-hot FBI investigator. Delaney stole every scene she was in which I didn't think was even possible when acting alongside Fillion.

And here's a picture of Delaney getting kissed by Julie Benz in an episode of Desperate Housewives.

Benz isn't the only reason for watching the new show No Ordinary Family but she is the best one. As far as I'm concerned she is one of the most gorgeous and talented actresses working in American tv. Just check out her role as Darla in Buffy & Angel, as Dexter's girlfriend then wife in, oh yes, Dexter, as the lesbian ex-stripper with a heart of gold in Desperate Housewives (see above). She is just amazing and the fact that she doesn't seem to have been out of work since she started suggests a lot of people are of a like mind. In No Ordinary Family, she's the career mother who finds getting superspeed solves a lot of problems including a failing marriage. Only two episodes show in the UK so far and I'll keep watching. Even if it turns out pure crap, I'll keep watching just for Julie.

Skins Series 5 is starting shortly with a brand new cast. Series 3 was one of the most amazing pieces of television I'd ever since in my life (and did an extensive recap/review when I first started this blog) while Series 4 the sequel was disappointing and sailed, never mind jumped, over the shark in the final episodes. I'm keeping an open mind about this one and hoping for the best.

Last, that I can think of at the moment, is Being Human Series 3. I like this show, not a lot, but I like it. (Old catchphrase copyright Paul Daniels.) It's never quite as good as I think it should be but it isn't bad either.

Of course there is the new series of Dr.Who looming on the horizon of which I have high hopes thanks to Stephen Moffat the UK's answer to Joss Whedon.

Before I go, I just want to mention briefly the show which has just finished that I most miss. It's about those loveable rascals doing community service for minor offences. With super powers. Yes, it's the utterly brilliant Misfits, the Science Fiction answer to Skins. With really bad taste. Do yourself a favour and buy the DVD.

Nearly forgot. Sarting tonight on FX is Season 3 of-

Nevertheless, my personal tv highlight of the week was the cast of The Big Bang Theory dressing up as the Justice League of America.

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