Thursday, 4 November 2010


I'm not going to waste too much time on this as it's easily the weakest of the series, though it opens well minutes after the end of Mad Doctor of Blood Island. The monster is on board the boat and kills lots of people. the boat explodes, the monster ends up back on Blood Island and months later John Ashley (the only survivor) is on his way back to Blood Island with a new leading lady.

The Mad Doctor has survived but is now played by Eddie Garcia and he orders the kidnap of leading lady Celeste Yarnall and the rescue mission takes up most of the rest of the movie. The nubile daughter of the chief removes her top to seduce our hero but he has the hots for the (white) leading lady. The monster who can survive having his head and body separate doesn't play much part. There's a fair bit of splatter but it has little impact despite what it says on the DVD sleeve above. Considering this was written/produced/directed by Eddie Romero it's a big disappointment with none of the creaky charm of the previous films.

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